Combien de temps dure un fondant parfumé

How long does a scented fondant last

Scented fondants have become a real addiction for many people who seek to transform their interior into a real haven of peace thanks to a warm atmosphere and a scent that suits them. Scented fondant whatever the form is an economical, ecological and natural solution to perfume your interior. In addition to delicately diffusing their fragrance in your home, they bring a significant decorative touch.
Intense and rapid diffusion
The diffusion quality of a scented fondant is much more intense and faster than a classic scented candle. To enjoy their scent, you just need to heat them in a burner so that the scent spreads gently in your room. Scented fondants are also very convenient since they solidify at room temperature and can be easily removed to change scents or for later use. Indeed, the scented wax pebbles are reusable 3 to 4 times, depending on the scent chosen.
Reusable and practical
The diffusion time of a scented fondant depends on several factors. In particular, it is influenced by the amount of wax and the fragrance concentration of the fondant. In general, a 15-19 gram scented fondant will have a diffusion capacity of 10-25 hours. The heavier the fondant, the more fragrance it can hold, which will extend its diffusion time. A scented fondant is generally reusable several times.
To melt your fragrant tartlet, place it in the upper cup of your burner and insert a tealight in the lower part. The wax liquefies quickly and diffuses the aroma you have chosen. If you wish to measure the intensity of the perfume, it is possible to break the tartlet into 4 pieces.
How to remove the scented wax from the burner
Once the wax no longer diffuses perfume, it no longer contains perfumed oil. You can then throw away the wax, knowing that it is biodegradable.
To remove the scented wax from the burner once it still contains scent, you have two options. You can either pour hot water over the congealed wax, wait 1-2 minutes, then scoop out the wax with a spoon. Either place the burner in the freezer for 5 minutes, then remove the wax with a spoon.
The benefits of scented fondants
In conclusion, scented fondants are an excellent solution to perfume your interior in an economical, ecological and natural way. Thanks to their intense diffusion quality, their ease of use and their reuse, they have become a must in interior decoration. In addition, depending on the scents chosen, they can help you relax, invigorate or soothe you, depending on your needs and desires.
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