Qu'est ce qu'un fondant parfumé ?

What is a scented fondant?

What is a scented fondant and how to choose it?
A few tips to enlighten you!
The scented fondant is a block of wax that can be presented in different shapes, in the shape of a tartlet, a macaroon or in the shape of a cute little heart! It acts like a scented candle but without a wick and is used with a burner and a tealight.
The scented fondant makes it possible to scent a large area even more intensely than a scented candle and that in just a few minutes! The difference between the wick candle and the scented fondant is that the scented fondant wax never evaporates and the scented fondant can be changed quickly to change the atmosphere of your interior according to your mood.
The scented fondant gently releases the fragrance it contains into your interior and generally has a diffusion capacity of at least 15 hours depending on the weight of the scented fondant.
As soon as the scented fondant no longer diffuses any scent, all you have to do is let the wax set, take it off the burner and change the scented fondant. You can throw away the wax without any problem! The vegetable waxes used in the Aliyah Fondants range are biodegradable.
The different types of fragrances available:
Scented fondants can come in many different scents, ranging from fruity scents to floral flavors to gourmet scents. It is important to choose a perfume that matches your taste and your personality.
How to choose your scented fondant?
It all depends on your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create. For example, for a gourmet atmosphere, opt for scents such as lemon meringue or vanilla macaroon. For a more relaxing atmosphere, choose soothing scents like Musk.
A scented fondant can also be used to set the mood depending on your mood. For a stressful day, choose a soothing scent, for an evening with friends, opt for invigorating scents, and for a cocooning day, choose gourmet or woody scents.
It is important to choose an appropriate scent for each room. Avoid scents that are too intense for bedrooms and instead opt for sweet scents. If the scented fondant is too intense, you can break it into pieces to regulate the intensity of diffusion. We also recommend that you perfume your room 1 hour before sleeping to make the most of its fragrance.
1 - Delicate and pleasant fragrance
2 - Better indoor air quality
3 - Possibility to change perfume according to your desires
4 - Ecological product
5 - Long diffusion time
6 - Ease of use
7 - Safety of use
8 - Choice of different flavors
9 - Use to perfume the house or the car
10 - Pleasant olfactory experience
Tips for safe and effective use.
It is important to follow the instructions for use to avoid any risk of fire or irritation. Make sure you never exceed the recommended diffusion time and do not use the product near a heat source or open flame.
Finally, if you wish to order scented fondants, you can consult our online store available here: https://www.lesfondants-daliyah.com to discover the different scents on offer.
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